Lisa Banderwall – Executive Director, Market Mohawk
“Our relationship with New Horizons Housing has been a pleasure. They are a proactive partner in the downtown Columbus, OH community. They have actively used their resources to improve our environment for students, professionals, and business owners and those improvements have helped encourage new vitality in this burgeoning downtown area.”

Julie Corson – Graduate Student and Resident
“As a new graduate from The Ohio State University, I wanted to experience independent living but with the energy of student life. New Horizons Housings Washington Place in downtown Columbus was exactly what I had envisioned but didn’t believe I would find. From its location to first-class amenities, I can live like a professional but continue to act like a student.”

Ben Peterson – Student and Resident
“New Horizons has been a great landlord – now for three years running. Whenever I have maintenance needs, they are there to quickly help. New Horizons Housing offers me location, a comfortable place to call home, and a fun atmosphere with all the amenities of on-campus living and the appeal of off-campus privacy.”

John Taylor – Entrepreneur and Resident
“New Horizons Housing understands and respects the need for safe and secure buildings that protect their residents from any and all unforeseen circumstances. There are not enough apartment buildings in this city that go to the lengths that New Horizons does to assure residents are protected with state-of-the-art security and safety equipment. I trust them and so can you.”